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Pirate versus Pirate
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Store:  2-Player Games, Family Games
Theme:  Pirate, Fighting
Format:  Board Games

Pirate versus Pirate

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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 15-20 minutes 2

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Product Description

Three bands of pirates have discovered an island brimming with treasure. Conquer the island by capturing the gold and silver, or by eliminating the enemy pirates. Position your pirates carefully, enemies are all around and they are hungry for treasure!

Product Awards

Games Magazine Awards
Best Family Game Nominee, 2012
Mensa Best Mind Game Award

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YARRR, tis a great game indeed
August 19, 2010

Pirates Vs Ninjas seems to be the great debate of our time. We’ve all got our favorites of course, and it’s a fun argument to have with nerd friends. But very rarely have these discussions turned to what would happen if these archetypes turned on each other. Out of the Box Publishing, however, has been quietly playing out this scenario for quite some time.

A few years back they released Ninja Vs. Ninja which involved rolling these weird 4 sided die and attempting to invade your opponents dojo and making it back out alive. It’s a fun little 2 player game that included these really cool ninja miniatures. Pirate Vs. Pirate definitely uses that game for it’s source material, but builds on the game play and changes it enough to make it feel fresh.

Anyone who’s ever played Ninja Vs. Ninja would already knows most of the rules to Pirate Vs. Pirate, since they’re essentially the same (Don't worry, we're going to cover them anyway). The major differences are this game handles up to 3 players, and instead of raiding each others territory for points you’re now racing to grab treasure to bring back to your ship first.

The game includes 18 pirates divided up in groups of six in different colors, some cool pirate treasure coins, and these really neat 4 sided die. Paper and pencil RPG people like me are certainly used to the pyramid shaped 4 sided dice, so these are both unique and a helluva lot more thematic, with skulls representing the numbers. The bones sticking out both look awesome and ensure no one throws a die that stops on it's end.

Out Of The Box Publishing always impresses me with the quality of their components, and Pirate Vs. Pirate maintains that legacy. The figures are nice solid plastic, as are the dice. The bone and skull designs on the dice put them over the top for awesomeness though, and I think I may just stick them in my dice bag the next time I play some Dungeons and Dragons.

The game turn is pretty simple, roll the 2 die and move one of our pirates the number of spaces you rolled. You can turn as often as you want but can never go back through a space you were on during that turn. This is important because to pick up treasure, drop off treasure, and attack you need to end your turn directly on the space you need. This mechanic means you’ll have to use your entire band of pirates and have them spread out since your die roll might mean having to cover more or less ground to end your turn on the space you want.

It’s a mad dash for treasure which are represented as silver and gold coins on the board. Land on a coin and you take control of it, at which time you’ll make a dash back to your ship to drop off the loot. Naturally at the same time you’ll be chased by the other players in an attempt to knock you out and take control of the treasure. It feels like an awesome scurvy version of tag. YARRRRRR IT!

Seriously between the dice and the cool minis you cant help but get into a pirate kinda mood when playing the game. It’s nice and light so it’s one you can laugh and talk your way through while you play it. I’d call it a party game but it only plays up to 3 players and that’s not really much of a party (though one could argue that would depend on the 3 people. But like Ninja Vs. Ninja is a low barrier entry game that’s perfectly suited for the significant other or family member that wouldn’t usually play a board game, with just enough strategy to pique our gaming senses.

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