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7 Wonders
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Store:  Strategy Games
Series:  7 Wonders, Essen 2010 Releases
Theme:  Fantasy
Format:  Card Games

7 Wonders

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Product Awards:  

Publisher(s): Asmodee North America

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Product Description

7 Wonders lasts three ages. In each age, players receive seven cards from a particular deck, choose one of those cards, then pass the remainder to an adjacent player, as in Fairy Tale or a Magic: the Gathering booster draft. Players reveal their cards simultaneously, paying resources if needed or collecting resources or interacting with other players in various ways. (Players have individual boards with special powers on which to organize their cards, and the boards are double-sided as in Bauza's Ghost Stories.) Each player then chooses another card from the deck they were passed, and the process repeats until players have six cards in play from that age. After three ages, the game ends.

In essence 7 Wonders is a card development game along the lines of Race for the Galaxy or Dominion. Some cards have immediate effects, while others provide bonuses or upgrades later in the game. Some cards provide discounts on future purchases. Some provide military strength to overpower your neighbors and others give nothing but victory points. Unlike Magic or Fairy Tale, however, each card is played immediately after being drafted, so you'll know which cards your neighbor is receiving and how his choices might affect what you've already built up. Cards are passed left-right-left over the three ages, so you need to keep an eye on the neighbors in both directions.

Product Awards

Games Magazine Awards
Best Strategy Game Nominee, 2012
Kennerspiel des Jahres
Game of the Year, 2011

Product Information

7 Wonders has the following expansions available:

7 Wonders: Armada

(20% savings!)

7 Wonders: Babel Ding and Dent Out of Stock

7 Wonders: Cities Anniversary Pack

(30% savings!)

7 Wonders: Leaders expansion Out of Stock

Spielbox Magazine: 2011 issue 1 English language edition Out of Stock

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.5 in 4 reviews

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Great game for more than 4 people
September 19, 2017

This game is faster paced than many others. You look, choose, play, pass... rinse and repeat. As you gain resources and money from the cards you're choosing, you build the wonders on your wonder board. The game was really easy to learn, but took a few plays to figure out actual strategy.

You pay attention not only to the cards you may want, but also to the cards you don't want your opponents to have. If you don't particularly care for any of the current options, you can always burn a card someone else probably wants and take the money.

Our favorite thing about the game is that it's just as fun for 6 people as it is for 3 or 4. It does add a little more time to it, but not significant if you stay on everyone to pick play pass.

We've added every expansion and they're all fun as well.

One of the best games we have played
August 22, 2017

I will keep this review short since saying more will still not cover how much we like this game. We can play with 2-4 of us and it only takes about 30 minutes, with minimal set up or clean up time. It feels like a different game most of the times you play it and I love that you cannot really tell who is winning until the end.

When we add more people the time required does not go up much unless they are new players. New players can quickly learn the game, but questions will slow down game play slightly. One of the biggest advantages of this game is that everyone is making decisions at the same time. You do not wait for a long time while the rest of the group is taking their turns.

I recommend this game to everyone who likes gaming and am currently ordering it for a wedding gift.

Works well on many levels
March 03, 2011

7 Wonders was easily the most popular new game at Prezcon in 2011. High praise for a game most people did not own nor could get a copy of (currently on backorder as of this writing). I taught the game on no less than five separate occasions over the course of four days. Those that learned and played 7 Wonders universally enjoyed it and usually played multiple games.

For those considering a purchase, here is where 7 Wonders shines. First, the game packs a tremendous bang for the buck. Since a game consists of playing a mere 18 cards per player in about 45 minutes (30 minutes for experienced players), every decision is important and you are always faced with a decision. Second, the game scales amazingly well. It is just as fun with seven players as it is with three. And it does this without adding significant time to the game itself. This is because the game moves at the speed of the slowest player. Each of the 18 turns is taken simultaneously by all players, so a seven player game will realistically only take a few more minutes to play than a three player game. Third, the game is very easy to teach to both gamers and non-gamers. I've taught a lot of games before and this one was among the most straightforward. Ten minutes is all that is needed to get a player started.

The downside? I wish there were more varieties of wonders and cards. The seven available wonders (all having two configurations to choose from) are all fun to play but I find myself craving more. Many of the cards in the seven player version of the game are repeats of the cards used in the four player version (and you cannot build two of the same building card per the rules).

Having said that, the upside dwarfs the downside of the game. Not only is 7 Wonders a heck of a lot of fun to play, it also fills a niche many other games don't. There are very few strategy games that easily accommodate such a wide range of players and can be played in less than an hour. 7 Wonders makes a satisfying filler game, lunch game, or evening of multiple games regardless of the number of people playing. This is a must buy for someone rounding out a gaming collection. It will quickly crowd out a few other games on my shelf.

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