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Store:  Strategy Games
Series:  Essen 2010 Releases
Format:  Board Games


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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 60 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Peter Hansson

Manufacturer(s): Gigantoskop

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Product Description

Swedish publisher Gigantoskop has been quiet for the past few years, but the company is re-emerging in 2010 with Genesis, a large board game focusing on the birth of all creation – and you are there! Here's a brief description of the game from the publisher:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. It took him six days to complete his work, assisted by a host of heavenly angels doing his divine bidding. On the seventh day God rested and examined the result. Seeing that it was good, he praised the angel who had contributed the most.

Genesis – In the Beginning gives you the chance to become that angel. By gathering the essence of creation – chaos, matter and life – and turning it into seas and mountains, birds and beasts, you hope to win God's approval – and the game! But the way to victory is wrought with hard decisions. You must gather essence when it's most advantageous, move at the right time, and do your days' work where they count the most. And beware of the dark angel who's trying to outshine you all.

Gigantoskop is taking preorders for Genesis – which sells for €25 at Spiel – via email, with a free copy of its 2004 release Kablamo being added to each preorder. Include your name, email address and phone number with the preorder, and pick up the game by noon Saturday at booth 4-215.

Update, Sept. 15, 2010: I've had a peek at the rules for Genesis – now available in English at the flag icon above – and I'll summarize the game for those who don't have seven days to get to the finish line. At heart Genesis falls into the "collect cubes and turn them in for points" genre, but the game still has interesting thematic tie-ins to the story of Genesis – plus it has great lines in the rules like "Place God in the starting position of the time track" that you're unlikely to find in any other rulebook.

So, as stated above, God starts in the leftmost area of the game board – the Void, as it were – and the players' angel tokens are lined up in the slots at the bottom of that area. The game lasts 21 rounds, and in each round each player takes a turn, then the dark angel moves automatically, then God shuffles one space to the right, moving through morning, midday and evening of each of the seven days on the game board.

On a player's turn, the player takes one action from the following choices:

* Gathers essence (that is, colored cubes matching his current location); before gathering essence for the turn, the player can spend one essence to swap spaces with an adjacent angel on the same day, performing as many swaps as he wishes to pay for. * Moves to a different day, but only a day that God has "created" by visiting, which gives players more options as the game progresses. * Does a day's work by discarding essence matching the cost of the day's work: four red on day one, four blue on day two, four red and four blue on day four, and so on; the player marks a scoring space on that day, with the first spaces filled being worth more points.

If a player starts the round on a day in which he's already done the day's work, he receives a bonus of one or two essence.

The dark angel moves automatically each round, first moving to the day where God is located or swapping spaces with the angel on its left. If the dark angel starts a round where God is located and is in the leftmost space, it automatically does a day's work, filling one of the limited number of spaces on the game board.

At the end of the round, God moves right one space. Once God enters day seven, players can move their angels there, resting with God for the remainder of the game, with the first angels to rest earning more points than those who pull up a chair in later rounds. Once God hits evening of the seventh day, the game ends and players total their points from work completed and rest time. The player with the most points wins – but if the dark angel earns more points than anyone else, then everyone loses.

Description written by W. Eric Martin and used with permission of

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Peter Hansson

  • Manufacturer(s): Gigantoskop

  • Year: 2010

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 60 minutes

  • Ages: 10 and up

  • Weight: 903 grams

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