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Oh Gnome You Don't!
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Store:  Strategy Games
Theme:  Humorous
Format:  Board Games

Oh Gnome You Don't!

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Ages Play Time Players
13+ 90 minutes 2-5

Publisher(s): Gut Bustin' Games

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Product Description

It’s adventure time for gnomes as they travel and gather items along the forest trail. Typically cheerful and friendly, the little gnomes let greed and aggression get the best of them as they get into brawls, play tricks, and set traps to be able to grab up and trade for the most gems by the end of the game. It’s a Gnome-tastic Adventure!!

Product Information

  • Publisher(s): Gut Bustin' Games

  • Year: 2011

  • Players: 2 - 5

  • Time: 90 minutes

  • Ages: 13 and up

  • Weight: 1,082 grams

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.2 in 2 reviews

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by Joeblow
A backstabbing gnome adventure for families
February 11, 2012

Oh Gnome You Don't is a simple and effective roll and move game with the "take that" element added to it. The game is listed for ages 13 and up, but I believe it would appeal to anyone between the ages of 10 to 16. The rules are simple enough to understand and the gameplay involves very little stategy. You play the roll of a gnome trying to collect cards and exchange them for gems at the local stores. On your journey you will get into brawls with other gnomes looking to take your loot. The gnome with the most amount of gems at the end of the game wins.

The Pros:

The artwork on the gameboard and the cards is nicely done. The theme is great. Feisty gnomes battling each other for gems. The brawling option adds a nice element to the game and I think without it, the game would not be enjoyable at all. Kids will love the "take that" type of element especially siblings battling against each other. The simplicity of the rules makes it easy enough that younger kids will be able to play as well. The game can be really funny at times, especially with the brawling and action cards.

The Cons:

Not much strategy at all. Really just a roll and move game with battle cards added to the mix. Not much for adults to enjoy other than playing it with their kids. The length of the gameplay I think is too long. The average game takes about 90 minutes which is really a long time for this type of game. The beginning of the game is rather dull. The first 15-20 minutes just involves rolling and moving with the occasional brawl as you try to collect cards in order to cash them in for gems at one of the stores. I think if you played this game with two dice instead of one, it would speed things up and cut the game time in half, which would make it more enjoyable for adults.

All things considered this game does what it is supposed to do. It does not try to be anything other than a funny roll and move game for families to play together. It's simple enough for kids to understand and it has just enough to keep adults engaged in the gameplay. It's not the type of game you will likely play over and over again, but it is definitely the type of game you will enjoy playing with your family from time to time. The theme is great and if you take it for what it is, then you will have a fun time playing it. If you are looking for a strategy game to bring to the table with the theme of fighting gnomes, then this is not for you. If you are simply looking for a backstabbing funny roll and move game to play on a family night, then this is the type of game you may enjoy.

What a Beautiful, Fun, Gnometastic Game!
February 10, 2011

This game is so much fun to play and introduce to people! The artwork is beautiful, the game is easy enough to get started and progresses at a nice pace...and it is just a blast! Not too long and not too short.

There is some strategy it and with two levels of play, were able to play once through it and then we added the next level (Brawling) and it really added to the game! The cards a all illustrated and they have edginess to them of humor combined with some gnome back stabbing: we can't wait to play it again! Five Stars!

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