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The Struggle for Catan
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The Struggle for Catan

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: The Settlers of Catan: 15th Anniversary Edition

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 45-60 minutes 2-4

Designer(s): Klaus Teuber

Publisher(s): Mayfair Games, Asmodee North America

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Product Description

The Struggle for Catan™ is a fast-paced game between the 2-4 factions developing newly settled Catan. Manage your resources to build settlements, cities, city improvements, knights, and roads that generate victory points or special abilities. While your settlements, cities, and city expansions remain yours, valuable roads and knights change hands. Varied expensive city improvements give you additional victory points and lasting advantages, so they’re generally key to victory. As in The Settlers of Catan® board game, you win by being the first to acquire and play 10 victory points.

The Struggle for Catan™ is the perfect way for 2-4 players to swiftly and casually explore, settle, trade, and build on the beautiful and ever-changing island of Catan.

Product Information


  • 67 Resource Cards
  • 42 Building Cards consisting of:
  • 9 Road Cards
  • 14 Settlement/City Cards
  • 5 Knight Cards.
  • 9 City Improvement Cards
  • 4 Building Cost Cards
  • 1 Destiny Card
  • full-color rules
The Struggle for Catan has the following expansions available:

Catan: Traders & Barbarians English language edition of Die Siedler von Catan: Händler & Barbaren Out of Stock

The Settlers of Catan: Game Cards 4th edition replacement cards for Settlers board game Out of Stock

Catan Event Cards English language edition of Ereignisse auf Catan Out of Stock

The Fishermen of Catan A Settlers of Catan Expansion Out of Stock

Catan: Cities & Knights 5-6 player Extension English language edition; fourth edition Out of Stock

Catan: Cities & Knights English language edition; fourth edition Out of Stock

Catan: Seafarers 5-6 player Extension English language edition; fourth edition Out of Stock

Catan: Seafarers English language edition; fourth edition Out of Stock

The Settlers of Catan 5-6 player Extension English language; fourth edition Out of Stock

Catan: Traders & Barbarians 5-6 player Extension English language; fourth edition Out of Stock

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.6 in 200 reviews

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I love this game
September 19, 2017

My gaming buddies and I love this game. It's a good mix of strategy and chance. The strategy involves building the right things at the right times and locations. The dice rolling keeps things a little random. We also do a lot of wheeling and dealing with each other on resources.

We've gotten the 5-6 player expansion and played it. It was nice to have more people included, but it also got a little unwieldy and made it take longer. I cannot wait to get all of the other expansions.

I limit myself to 4 stars only because I may never find the "perfect" game.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Great for families and new gamers
February 12, 2013

Settlers of Catan belongs in every family game collection. Worldwide popularity, even 15 years after its debut, is enough to demonstrate that it is a game for everyone. Yes, heavy gamers will eventually want more combat or deep strategy, but Catan has enough meat to remain interesting and fun for most people, while also being easy to learn and enjoy the first time. There is enough luck to give everyone periods of advancement and frustration during each game. But, like backgammon, a good strategy will do much to overcome the luck of the dice. Trading and competition for locations keeps everyone involved throughout. Catan makes the perfect game to begin a game group - especially with international players, since so many countries have a version of this game. A wide variety of expansions and gamer-developed variants provide sparks to keep things interesting game after game.

Again, every family or game group should have Settlers of Catan, and the 5-6 player expansion at least. It truly is a staple of 21st Century gaming.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Excellent game play for whole family
June 30, 2012

I have been playing settlers of catan for two years with my family or friends. It is great fun! The setup and game play can be a bit long depending on the number of players. I recommend setting aside 1-2 hours of time or setting the board up in a location you can leave it and pick up where you left off on another day.

Because the pieces can be placed randomly, the replay on this game is very good. There are many expansions available for those that get tired of the base game. I highly recommend playing with the fish (sold a separate expansion or as part of Traders and Barbarians).

This game allows for bargaining amongst the players which adds another layer of unpredictability and this interaction can add the enjoyment of the game among players. Some people may find this part of the game rubs them the wrong way, so couples proceed with caution on that aspect (Remember that games are meant to be fun, not cause marital arguments).

I would highly recommend this game and it is one of my favorites!!!

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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