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King of Tokyo
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King of Tokyo

2nd edition

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Product Awards:  
Games Magazine Awards
Best Family Game Nominee, 2013

Ages Play Time Players
8+ 30 minutes 2-6

Designer(s): Richard Garfield

Manufacturer(s): IELLO

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Product Description

King of Tokyo is a game from Richard Garfield for 2 to 6 players in which you will be able to play mutant monsters, gigantic robots and other aliens, all of whom are happily whacking each other in a joyous atmosphere in order to become the one and only King of Tokyo.

When it is your turn to play, you throw six dice. Each die bears the following six symbols: 1, 2 or 3 Points of Destruction, Energy, Healing and Whack. In three successive throws, you are going to choose whether to keep or discard each die in order to come up with combinations that will enable you to win destruction points, hoard energy, restore your health or whack other players into understanding Tokyo is YOUR territory.

The fiercest player will be crowned King of Tokyo... and will end up facing all the other monsters alone!

Top this off with special cards that you can purchase with energy and that have a permanent or temporary effect, such as the growing of a second head which grants you an additional die, body armor, nova death ray, and more.... and you hold one of the most explosive games of the year!

In order to win the game, one must either destroy Tokyo by accumulating 20 destruction points, or be the only surviving monster once the fighting has ended.

Product Awards

Games Magazine Awards
Best Family Game Nominee, 2013

Product Information

  • Designer(s): Richard Garfield

  • Manufacturer(s): IELLO

  • Artist(s): Benjamin Raynal

  • Year: 2011

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 30 minutes

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Weight: 784 grams

  • All-Time Sales Rank: #216

  • Language Requirements: This is a domestic item. Manufacturer's rules are printed in English.

King of Tokyo has the following expansions available:
The Broken Token: King of Tokyo Organizer (Temporarily Out of Stock)
King of Tokyo: Power Up! (Temporarily Out of Stock)
(5% savings!)

King of Tokyo: Halloween
(20% savings!)

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.3 in 3 reviews

by Rexy
Great game
November 29, 2013

We pulled out this game last New Years and even our board-game hating 13 year old played again and again. It has fun characters and cards, and everyone can try different strategies because of the many ways you can win (or be destroyed). It is fairly quick (about 20 minutes), and lots of fun.

by A Gamer
Simple, Fast Paced, Dice-Rolling Monster Battles
October 15, 2015

King Of Tokyo lets you take control over one of 6 awesome monsters to do battle and be crowned King!! This is a GREAT introductory game!

Each player rolls 6 die to try and obtain the best possible outcome. Victory Points, Energy Cubes (money), Health to heal and Attacks to do damage!

The game plays fairly quickly and once every one playing gets a grip on the idea, it will be played again! My honest opinion is that this game has 1 major downfall... If you are playing with a full group of 6 players, 4 even for that matter, the first person out just sits there... So that's unfortunate, but not really much else you could do with the type of game it is. So I guess that's just something to consider but ultimately shouldn't impact whether the game is fun or not. It is still awesome and if you are the first person out you can just watch other peoples strategy and figure out how to beat them in the next game.

All in all, this is a great and super easy game. Every one loves to roll dice and every one wants to be king!!

Very well done game.

I've heard King of New York added a few things to make this game more advanced for more experienced gamers...I will DEFINITELY be adding that one as well.

by Joeblow
A Glorious Game Of Monsters Battling To Be King
September 23, 2012

King Of Tokyo is a simple, yet fun and exciting game of monsters battling it out. The game play is very easy to learn. Simply roll dice, determine which dice to keep, then re-roll the dice you chose not to keep. You receive two re-rolls per turn and each dice roll determines how much damage you can do to other monsters, how much energy you will receive, or how many victory points you will score. The last monster standing, or the first to 20 victory points wins.

The Pros:

The game is very quick and easy to learn. It definitely appeals to younger kids and at the same time can be fun for adults as well. The artwork is really nice and the dice are easy to read. Rules can be taught in under 5 minutes and anyone age 8 and up will have no problem understanding it. The theme is a good theme and is reminiscent of the old monster movies or the old video game Rampage.

The Cons:

The price is fairly expensive for what you get. The board is not really needed and is perhaps the smallest board for any board game around, it merely has two spaces and for most games you will only use one of the spaces. There are not that many choices for monsters, but I am sure there will be an expansion to solve that problem. I also think that adults will grow tired of game play fairly quickly, as there are not a lot of decisions to make. Most of the game play is simply rolling dice and deciding whether or not to attack the other monsters. Also, two player games are not nearly as fun as 3 or more player games.


All in all, King Of Tokyo is a fun game of dice rolling and re-rolling with limited decisions that I think will appeal well to kids between the ages of 8 - 14. Adults will enjoy the game play as well, but may not be as eager to re-play it as often. I think this game can definitely benefit from an expansion if new monsters, special abilities, and action cards are added.

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