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Magic The Gathering: Commander: Counterpunch
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Magic The Gathering: Commander: Counterpunch

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Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], usually because it's out of print.

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Product Description

Commander: Ghave, Guru of Spores

99 cards

1 Barren Moor, 1 Command Tower, 1 Evolving Wilds, 10 Forest, 1 Golgari Rot Farm, 1 Orzhov Basilica, 8 Plains, 1 Rupture Spire, 1 Secluded Steppe, 1 Selesnya Sanctuary, 8 Swamp, 1 Temple of the False God, 1 Tranquil Thicket, 1 Vivid Grove, 1 Vivid Marsh, 1 Vivid Meadow, 39 lands

1 Aquastrand Spider, 1 Celestial Force, 1 Chorus of the Conclave, 1 Dark Hatchling, 1 Deadly Recluse, 1 Fertilid, 1 Golgari Guildmage, 1 Hornet Queen, 1 Karador, Ghost Chieftain, 1 Monk Realist, 1 Nantuko Husk, 1 Penumbra Spider, 1 Sakura-Tribe Elder, 1 Scavenging Ooze, 1 Selesnya Evangel, 1 Selesnya Guildmage, 1 Shriekmaw, 1 Sigil Captain, 1 Spawnwrithe, 1 Spike Feeder, 1 Squallmonger 1 Symbiotic Wurm, 1 Teneb, the Harvester, 1 Vampire Nighthawk, 1 Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter, 1 Yavimaya Elder, 26 creatures

1 Acorn Catapult, 1 Afterlife, 1 Alliance of Arms, 1 Attrition, 1 Aura Shards, 1 Awakening Zone, 1 Bestial Menace, 1 Cobra Trap, 1 Cultivate, 1 Darksteel Ingot, 1 Death Mutation, 1 Doom Blade, 1 Fists of Ironwood, 1 Footbottom Feast, 1 Golgari Signet, 1 Harmonize, 1 Hex, 1 Hour of Reckoning, 1 Lightning Greaves, 1 Mortify, 1 Necrogenesis, 1 Nemesis Trap, 1 Oblivion Ring, 1 Orzhov Signet, 1 Selesnya Signet, 1 Skullclamp, 1 Sol Ring, 1 Soul Snare, 1 Storm Herd, 1 Syphon Flesh, 1 Tribute to the Wild, 1 Vow of Duty, 1 Vow of Malice, 1 Vow of Wildness, 34 other spells

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro

  • Year: 2011

  • Players: 2

  • Ages: 13 and up

  • Weight: 300 grams (estimated)

  • Language Requirements: This is a domestic item. Game components are printed in English.

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