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Magic The Gathering: Avacyn Restored: Intro Pack: Angelic Might

Magic The Gathering: Avacyn Restored: Intro Pack: Angelic Might

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Product Description

The "Angelic Might" deck features, as you'd expect, gigantic flying creatures with awesome abilities. You just need to make sure the game lasts long enough for them to come out! Hold off your opponent's creatures with Angelic Wall and Gideon's Lawkeeper, neuter those creatures with Defang, and take them off the battlefield entirely with Righteous Blow and Oblivion Ring. Don't be afraid to trade your creatures in combat for your opponent's attackers—anything that slows down your enemies is good for you.

Meanwhile, develop your mana base with Rampant Growth and Borderland Ranger, and prolong the game by gaining life. Cathedral Sanctifier can help with that as early as turn 1. Seraph of Dawn's lifelink ability lets you gain life each time it deals damage. Add in the lifegain potential of Scroll of Avacyn, Seraph's Sanctuary, and Goldnight Redeemer, and you can counteract a lot of damage you may have taken.

Once the Angels arrive, the battle plan becomes simple: attack! Serra Angel and Archangel play both offense and defense thanks to the vigilance ability. Voice of the Provinces comes with a friend that can block a counterattack. And Angel of Glory's Rise can resurrect all the Humans that gave their lives for the cause earlier in the game.

Once you've played the deck, you may wish to diversify your collection of Angels. Luckily, the Avacyn Restored set has plenty of amazing choices! Angel of Jubilation; Restoration Angel; and Sigarda, Host of Herons are all stunning. But nothing holds a candle to Avacyn, Angel of Hope, an indestructible 8/8 Angel that makes all your other permanents indestructible too!

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Product Information


  • 11 Forest
  • 13 Plains
  • 1 Seraph Sanctuary
  • 25 lands
  • 1 Angel of Glory's Rise
  • 2 Angelic Wall
  • 1 Archangel
  • 3 Borderland Ranger
  • 2 Cathedral Sanctifier
  • 2 Emancipation Angel
  • 2 Gideon's Lawkeeper
  • 1 Goldnight Redeemer
  • 1 Herald of War
  • 2 Seraph of Dawn
  • 2 Serra Angel
  • 1 Timberland Guide
  • 1 Voice of the Provinces
  • 21 creatures
  • 2 Angel's Tomb
  • 1 Bladed Bracers
  • 1 Builder's Blessing
  • 2 Defang
  • 1 Defy Death
  • 1 Oblivion Ring
  • 2 Rampant Growth
  • 2 Righteous Blow
  • 1 Scroll of Avacyn
  • 1 Triumph of Ferocity
  • 14 other spells
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