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Magic The Gathering: Avacyn Restored: Intro Pack: Fiery Dawn
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Magic The Gathering: Avacyn Restored: Intro Pack: Fiery Dawn

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Product Description

The "Fiery Dawn" deck focuses on the power of Humans working together. Since this is an aggressive deck, your primary focus will be to cast creatures and start attacking with them as early as possible.

Many of your cards provide bonuses whenever another creature shows up on your side. Some bonuses, such as those provided by Kessig Malcontents and Vigilante Justice, deal damage to take out potential blockers so you can attack with ease or shorten the game by taking a chunk out of your opponent's life total. Kruin Striker temporarily makes itself bigger, while Goldnight Commander temporarily makes your entire army bigger. Cathars' Crusade is an enchantment that goes one step beyond that: it makes your entire army bigger permanently!

Perhaps the most dynamic card in the deck is Thatcher Revolt. Since it puts three Human tokens onto the battlefield, it can cause your other cards' abilities to trigger three times at once! Of course, it also provides a small army of creatures raring to charge at your opponent. Add in Zealous Conscripts, which recruits one of your opponent's creatures to fight on your side for a turn, and a few damage-dealing spells like Incinerate and Pillar of Flame, and justice will come swiftly indeed.

If you'd like to jack up the damage-dealing potential of this deck, Burn at the Stake and Bonfire of the Damned are both ferocious ways to end the game in a torrent of fire. If, instead, you'd like to increase the number of powerful Humans in the deck, the Innistrad card Champion of the Parish is one of the fiercest fighters you could add.

Product Information


  • 12 Mountain
  • 12 Plains
  • 24 lands
  • 2 Benalish Veteran
  • 1 Devout Chaplain
  • 2 Elite Vanguard
  • 2 Goldnight Commander
  • 2 Kessig Malcontents
  • 2 Kruin Striker
  • 1 Manic Vandal
  • 2 Moorland Inquisitor
  • 3 Riot Ringleader
  • 1 Somberwald Vigilante
  • 2 Thraben Valiant
  • 1 Zealous Conscripts
  • 21 creatures
  • 1 Angelic Armaments
  • 1 Banners Raised
  • 1 Cathars' Crusade
  • 1 Commander's Authority
  • 1 Fireball
  • 2 Incinerate
  • 1 Pacifism
  • 1 Pillar of Flame
  • 3 Thatcher Revolt
  • 2 Vigilante Justice
  • 1 Zealous Strike
  • 15 other spells
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