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Once Upon a Time
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Store:  Family Games, Party Games, Card Games
Edition:  Once Upon A Time
Series:  Once Upon a Time
Genre:  Storytelling
Format:  Card Games

Once Upon a Time

third edition

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], usually because it's out of print.

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Product Description

Once Upon a Time is a must have for any fans of classic Storytelling.

Product Information

Once Upon a Time has the following expansions available:

Once Upon a Time: Animal Tales expansion Out of Stock

Once Upon a Time: Knightly Tales 3rd edition Out of Stock

Once Upon a Time: Seafaring Tales third edition Out of Stock

Once Upon a Time: Enchanting Tales third edition Out of Stock

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Product Reviews


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And I thought Scheherazade had a lot of tales!
January 18, 2010

Okay look... This game is not going to be for everyone, and the people you play with are going to drastically change the level of enjoyment you get out of it. If you go in with a closed mind and tight lip, you're going to pull down everyone else playing. If you play with a creative and extroverted person, they're going to make it much more fun. An open mind is going to make this game an instant favorite that can be played over and over again, always different, always fun!

I can equate this game to a theatre exercise. There's an improve game where all the actors are lined up and tell a story, one person starts and someone else jumps in and continues from that point. I myself have played this game on stage in front of countless people dozens of times for recreation and competition long before I knew what Once Upon A Time (OUAT) was. It's designed to get you to think on your feet and continue what you've been given with a positive attitude for the good of the story (play, show, whatever). This game is the same thing with enough structure to make it a solid game design.

I first learned about OUAT at the Art Institute in a game design class. The teacher, who's been designing games since B.C. (Before Computers), had the class play this game as an example of a unique and good game design. A game that relies more on the ingenuity of the player than the cards you're given (although there is still a bit of luck involved). It was probably one of the most memorable games we played. You're much more likely to remember the experience of playing with your friends and family when there's a specific and often humerus story involved. It also is a good example of how some rules are meant to be taken for their spirit and not necessarily the letter of the law.

Some reviewers have said that you just sit down and people barrel through their cards as fast as they can while you listen with no time to react. To them I say 'nay!' If you're just barreling through the cards you haven't read the instructions well enough. Like all good stories you should take your time with the flow and let elements sink in for other players. If someone is going to fast, (Playing two or more cards in the same sentence or when the card played isn't an important element in the story) call them on it and end their turn.

So yes, buy the game. Play it with fun, exciting, energetic, "theatre" type people. Don't let not being so good or quick at the start slow you down, you'll get better with practice, and it's good practice to have. Everyone should involve themselves in more "improv"-like activities. You'll think quicker and be more creative for it, many people have said that they've improved their lives greatly, from their general outlooks on life to job interviews, just by taking improv classes.

One word of advise though, get the expansion pack as well, it adds many more fun and often macabre elements for stories.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
by Staats
I love this game
February 18, 2008

I love this game! I went to a party the other night and played this for the first time. There was another player who was playing it for the first time also, even though her english wasn't that good, she won. We were all loud and cracking up laughing that the 4 board looking scrabble players next to us kept turing around to listen to our story! (I love Scrabble too). I asked our host where I could get this game and am ordering one today... Thanks

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Fun Game, Poor Design
July 29, 2006

This game is different from any other that I have seen. My children love playing it, and a few of my friends also enjoy it. An equal number of people that I have tried introducing it to, hated it. No one was undecided. A few of the folks disliked the game because they don't like the storytelling, but most were frustrated managing the cards and identifying them quickly enough to interrupt the story teller.

I think that if you enjoy story telling on its own, you will enjoy this game. If you like being spontaneously creative, you will enjoy this game. If you like strategy and clear cut rules, this game is not for you.

My only real disappointment with the game is the card layout. When you have a handful of 10 or more cards at any given time, you want to be able to quickly assess what you have in your hand. The cards, however beautiful the artwork, are not clearly discernable when held as normal "fan" of cards. The design would be improved dramatically if the descriptive element were printed along the left edge, near the top. The card "type" icon should be in the extreme, upper-left corner, and a little larger.

If the card were redesigned for practical playing I would have given this game 5 stars. Until then, it remains problematic to keep track of all your cards while simultaneously:
1. Listening to a story to hear if something in your hand is mentioned
2. Watching the type of cards played in case you have a matching interrupt card
3.Paying attention enough that you can continue the story somewhat logically without getting too silly and
4. Thinking of a way to twist the story toward your goal!

We like the game enough to have purchased the add-ons.

Hopefully the cards will be redesigned on the next release.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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