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Gauntlet of Fools
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Store:  Strategy Games
Format:  Board Games

Gauntlet of Fools

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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 30+ minutes 2-6

Manufacturer(s): Indie Boards & Cards

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Product Description

Gauntlet of Fools is an adventure game of skill and fortune for 2-6 that plays in under 30 minutes. Choose your hero from hundreds of possible combinations. You'll make ridiculous boasts to get the best hero – but every boast comes at a cost. How awesome is your knight with a flaming sword after you boast that he'll fight blindfolded with a hangover?

You'll find out in the gauntlet: fifty encounters that will kill you. That's right. You will die, fool! But even a fool wants his gold, and the monsters have it. Roll a handful of dice, slay a monster, get its treasure. Die with the most gold to win the game.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Indie Boards & Cards

  • Year: 2012

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Time: 30 or more minutes

  • Ages: 8 and up

  • Weight: 630 grams

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.5 in 1 review

by Tom Bosco
Gauntlet of Fools: Fool's Gold
October 25, 2013

Gauntlet of Fools is a simple card game that delves into more adventure with each Encounter.

Players: 2-6
Playing time: 20-40 minutes

This is a review of the Gauntlet of Fools. Gauntlet of Fools was designed by Donald X. Vaccarino and produced by Indie Boards & Cards.

Game Components

Gauntlet of Fools contains 20 Class cards, 20 Weapon cards, 50 Encounter cards, 30 Dice, 30 Boast tokens, 20 Wound tokens, 50 Gold tokens, 41 Ability tokens, 28 Penalty tokens, 30 Bonus tokens, Playmat, Rulebook, and Play Example. Even though the heart and soul of this game is the Boasting phase (which will be discussed below under Gameplay), the playing cards are just as essential to Gauntlet of Fools.

The playing cards fit into one of three card types: Class, Weapon, and Encounter. Each of the three types of cards has a different backing. The card type is written on the bottom right hand corner of the playing cards so it is relatively easy to separate them out.

Each Class card has a Class Name (Wizard e.g.), Class Ability, Defense, and # of starting Class Ability tokens. Each Weapon card has a Weapon Name (Holy Sword e.g.), Weapon Ability, # of Attack Dice, and # of Starting Weapon Ability tokens. Now, let’s compare the structure of Class and Weapon cards to Encounter cards. First of all, there are three Card Types of Encounter cards: Monster, Modifier, and Special. Monsters consist of a Monster Name (Slime Monster), Attack Strength, Defense, Damage, Treasure, Other instructions, and Card Type.


If you are like me, you skipped the components of Gauntlet of Fools and jumped straight to how to play this game.

The object of Gauntlet of Fools is to die with the most Gold. The object of Gauntlet of Fools is to die with the most Gold.

The goal of this game is worth repeating because I find it safe to assume that some gamers use basic logic to argue that if one dies in a game, one cannot possibly be the winner of that game. This game not only defies that basic logic, this game beautifully orchestrates a different kind of strategy for this particular genre of game.

Set Up: There are many materials that come with this game. First of all, place the playmat somewhere on the table or surface so that everyone playing can reach it. Then, place the Boast tokens in their respective places on the playmat. The other materials such as the dice and remaining tokens can be placed adjacent to the playmat.

Class, Weapon, and Encounter cards are to be separated and then shuffled into piles by type. Class cards will be dealt face up to the middle of the table. There should be one Class card for each player. Next, deal Weapons face up on each Class card. The Class and Weapon cards will form a pair-a Hero-for the rest of the game (Wizard & Holy Sword e.g.). In other words, a Wizard can use any one of the twenty Weapon cards that is paired with him.

As mentioned earlier, the Boasting phase is truly the heart and soul of this game. Not only is it what separates this Adventure game from the next, but it also brings a humorous light to slaying monsters and looting treasure.

The Boasting phase consists of six unique boasts with a respective Boast token for each illustration on the playmat. Only the best Class and Weapon cards amongst the selection will win this game! There may be a price though…you may have to slay monsters and loot treasure while juggling, with a hangover, with one arm tied behind your back, blindfolded, hopping on one leg, and without any breakfast.

This game is a riot and the Class and Weapon cards that form a pair-a Hero-allows for hundreds and hundreds of Hero combinations that will keep you guessing and contemplating amongst family and friends for ages.

If you would like to find out more about Gauntlet of Fools, below I posted the Indie Board & Cards site which provides Rules as well as a Play Example.

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