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Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition
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Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 60 minutes 2-4

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Product Description

Space, The Final Frontier... and the biggest freeway to roam and make a quick buck! It's been five years since Corporation Incorporated started its new and progressive policy to deliver goods and construction materials to the struggling outer rim colonies.

During that time, an army of eccentrics and roughnecks joined the ranks of brave truckers and trekked to the farthest reaches of the galaxy in ramshackle spaceships of their own construction. Planets have been explored, space stations looted, and ships have crashed. It is time to celebrate!

The ultimate Galaxy Trucker experience, this Anniversary Edition contains the classic Galaxy Trucker, plus both Big Expansions and plenty of new goodies including tiles, cards, spaceship schematics, tokens, miniatures, and more!

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This game has the following expansions available:

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Vlaada Chvatil's wacky mega-hit from 2007
May 31, 2012

Designer Vlaada Chvatil has produced some of the biggest variety of game designs in recent memory, with serious strategy games like Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, cooperative games like Space Alert, wacky party games like Bunny Bunny Moose Moose, and light fillers like Sneaks & Snitches. He also has an incredible sense of humor, and one of the games in which that is particularly evident is his 2007 hit, Galaxy Trucker.

In this somewhat puzzle-like game, players first race simultaneously to complete the building of their space craft, composed of an odd assortment of building components, and then in the second phase of the game send them into space, hoping that they will hold together in the face of meteor showers, space pirates, and other galactic dangers, while trying to pick up goods and trying to ensure that their space ship makes it through reasonably intact without having lost too many parts or its precious cargo.

Is Galaxy Trucker for you? Well that is going to come down to your personal taste, but one can't fault the game itself when measured as a unique and successful design - I can't think of any other game quite like it! Even if you're among those who find that the puzzling and chaos trumps the fun factor, it has to be admitted that Vlaada Chvatil has created a novel and successful game that does have a very big appeal, and has a proven record of success. I particularly appreciate the sense of personal achievement that results from building your own rocket, and then launch it into space. You are personally involved because it's the ship that you built with your hand, and there's the tension of how it will fare as it runs through the space gauntlet created by the adventure cards, evoking a sense of fun and excitement. Even if your ship starts falling to bits and everything goes wrong, there's still a sense of accomplishment, and you'll just be all the more determined to start over and build something better the next time around. The drive through the adventure deck is really all about testing your design, and you will have a sense of having made something, even if it all goes pear shaped when your space craft hits space. It's certainly a very fun game, and who doesn't like the challenge of building personalized rockets and taking to the skies to explore distant galaxies and overcome the challenges of meteor showers and space smugglers?

Galaxy Trucker may not be for everyone, but boy is it ever fun with the right people! So if you haven't yet had the opportunity to try shooting the moon or venturing to the stars with Galaxy Trucker, maybe now is the time to give it a shot - maybe you'll surprise yourself!

EndersGame, BGG reviewer
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Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Adventure, Intrigue, Pirates, Looting - One Exciting Race!
July 11, 2010

I am shocked to see that no one has reviewed this game yet! Galaxy Trucker is a great game: there's adventure, intrigue, pirates, looting, and much more in this exciting race to the finish.

I love this game. Since your first impression of a game usually comes from reading the rules, let me give the rule-set a quick mention here. The rules are well written, easily understandable, and include tongue-in-cheek witticisms throughout. They were actually enjoyable to read.

Galaxy Trucker is ultimately a race. First you are racing to build your ship the fastest, then you are racing to reach the destination first. But, there's a lot more to it than that. You have to build the best ship you can in order to survive the many perils of the journey.

You may have to fly through a swarm of asteroids on your way; you better make sure your ship can take the pummeling. Oh, but wait, their are space pirates up ahead - can you outgun them? If not, you may take some heavy damage. There are many other dangers awaiting you along the way, including sabotage, epidemics, and even war zones.

Not everything on your path is bad, though. If you have a large enough crew, you could take the time to loot the abandoned space station up ahead; it may cost you first place in this race, though. There are planets up ahead where you can grab more goods to carry to your destination. But, it'll take time to stop there and load up - can you afford to be slowed down?

There are lots of different elements that you can add into your spaceship as you build: guns, engines, shields, batteries, cargo holds, crew cabins, and even space for aliens (who can boost engines or guns). While you are building you can take a peek at some of the dangers/opportunities that you will face along the way - that will help you decide what you will need the most, but will take valuable building time. Everyone builds their ship simultaneously, all grabbing components from the same pile. Different types of connectors, and rules about different components (engines have to point toward the back of the ship, for instance), add extra challenge to the building phase. Whoever finishes building first gets the leave space-dock first. So, don't take too long looking for just the right part for that particular spot, or you might start the race in last place.

The lead ship gets first opportunity to grab the goodies, but also has to face the dangers first. As you fly through all the dangers, your ship will most likely take damage. Every part of your ship that falls off is coming out of your pay (up to a limit). I've had a ship break in half thanks to a meteor storm following on the heels of sabotage. But, in this game, it's actually amusing to watch it happen! I had to choose which half of my ship to continue flying!

It's not often you find a game that is so much fun to play that you can even laugh at your own misfortune. It makes the victories all that much more sweet, too. I highly recommend Galaxy Trucker!

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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