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Carcassonne: Traders & Builders
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Carcassonne: Traders & Builders


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Ages Play Time Players
8+ 30-45 minutes 2-6

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To play this game, you must have:

Carcassonne English language edition with River tiles Out of Stock

Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune English language edition of Carcassonne: Das Schicksalsrad Out of Stock

Carcassonne English language edition, no River tiles Out of Stock

Carcassonne: Dice Out of Stock

Carcassonne: Phantom Out of Stock

Carcassonne Z-Man Games edition, includes The River expansion Out of Stock

Product Description

The second major expansion to the original game of Carcassonne, Traders & Builders contains 24 tiles with new features such as Bridges and Cities.

Some tiles also feature symbols for the goods Wine, Cloth and Wheat. Players collect one of these goods when the feature that has it on the tile is scored. Players with the most of each type of good gets bonus points at the end of the game. There is a popular house rule that allows the trading of goods between players in exchange for other goods and the ability to chose where a tile is placed. There are also two new wooden playing pieces in this expansion. The Builder is like a meeple in that it may be placed in a city or road as a kind of supervisor. A subsequent tile extension of the feature the Builder is it allows the player another tile placement. Farmers will also be able to place a new Pig pawn in a field for extra points at the end of the game.

Finally, Traders & Builders comes with a large cloth bag. Not only does this makes it easier to keep and handle the tiles, but it also removes the problem of having non-identical backsides.

Carcassonne: Traders & Builders Expansion Play Summary

Traders - Some of the new city tiles depict goods: wine, grain and/or cloth. When you complete a city, your own or someone else's, you collect a matching token for each good in the city. At game end, whoever has the most goods in each category scores an additional 10 points.

Builders - Each player receives a builder meeple in his color. You can add your builder to any city or road you already have in progress. Now anytime you add a tile to that city or road, you immediately get to take another turn. The builder does not count as a follower for determining control of a city or road.

Pig - You can add your pig to one of your farms to enrich its value. A farm with a pig scores 4 points per completed city served instead of the usual 3.

Traders & Builders is playable with or without the first expansion.

Part of the Carcassonne series

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by John M.
Great Expansion For Runaway Series!
November 02, 2008

Ok so I've actually been quoted as saying that Carcassonne has been blown WAY out of proportion, but I meant that in the nicest possible way! This series has recently culminated in the New World stand alone game, and has a new expansion out with another on the way and the Spielbox Magazine expansion also available, there seems to be no end to this snowballing giant! I've got everything that's out for the series except the latest expansion Cult, Siege & Creativity. This major expansion adds new mechanics, 24 new landscape tiles, commodities to be brokered and new meeples as well. The new landscape tiles have some interesting designs on them, while the ability to score with the commodities at end game can be the difference between a win and a loss. At first you might have trouble closing features with the commodities, but once you get used to them you'll be fine. You may even say to yourself that "I need ANOTHER set of these to make it worthwhile". I've considered that as well, however if I were to add a second T&B set, I would NOT use the second set of commodity chips, the set only gives you 9 barrels, 6 wheat and 5 textiles for a good reason, so if you're gonna add the tiles from a second set, go ahead, but keep the extra barrels, wheat and textiles as back- up units in case you loose some, there's no sense in overwhelming the game by putting double the amount of commodities available into play.

The new meeples are awesome! The builder is by far the most powerful meeple of the game, if used correctly you can quickly build huge castles and long roads for huge points. The pig can be useful too, especially if you get him, and any (or both) of the 2 "pig farms" which can potentially raise the value of your farms from 4 to 7 (both pig farm tiles and 1 pig meeple). Get this if you don't have it already, with me and my friends it's the only one of the many expansions that we always choose to play with. For the builder 2 stars, for the commodities 2 stars and for the pig 1, 5 stars, get this expansion and put it in your Spielbox!

Remember you can't score the FARM if you're not in the game!!!!

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
My favorite expansion, but not for beginners...
February 12, 2005

Carcassonne: Traders and Builders is an excellent expansion to the main game. Not only does it add even more interesting tiles into the mix, but it also adds several new features that have dramatic effects upon game play. It’s my favorite expansion, as I like the options the game adds, and even can cause a lukewarm fan of Carcassonne to enjoy the game more. The expansion adds five interesting things...

1.) Cloth Bag: Okay, maybe this isn’t interesting, but it’s certainly useful. A nice blue cloth bag (with a picture of Carcassonne Castle on it) is included to draw tiles from. I guess there are a very few people who would still prefer to stack the tiles, but this bag is quite useful. The rules state that the tiles may be off a little in color, hence the bag; but I didn’t notice much, if any difference.

2.) The Builder: A little figure in each color is included to represent the “builder” - looks like a little wooden stamp. A player may place a builder, instead of a meeple, on a city or road - but only one in which they already have a meeple. On future turns, if the player extends the city/road in which the builder sits, they immediately get a free extra tile that they may place. This “double-play” can only be done once per player’s turn. If the road/city on which the builder is located is finished, the builder returns to the player just like the meeples. I enjoyed the builder addition, as it allows a clever person to put down extra tiles, giving them a great advantage. Placement of the builder is crucial, since if a player places one in the wrong location, they can end up with a builder in a spot where a road/city will never be finished, and thus lose the use of the builder for the game.

3.) New Tiles: Twenty-four new tiles are included in this set. The combinations are some of the most interesting in all the expansions, offering up combinations of cities and roads in different and unique ways. Some roads cross each other rather than intersect; other cities stretch in odd ways across the tiles. As always with all the expansions, these tiles help alleviate the power of large farms.

4.) Goods Chits: By far, the most interesting and game-changing part of the expansion is the goods chits. Twenty of the new tiles have city sections on them with an icon with one of three goods. (wine, grain, and cloth) Whenever a player completes a city by placing a tile (regardless of whether they have any meeples in the city), they receive one goods chit corresponding to each icon in the city. These chits are placed face up in front of the player until the end of the game. When the game is over, the player who has the most chits of each of the three types gains ten points for each type. Ties give the ten points to all players. This really has an impact on the game. Players now have an incentive to finish other player’s cities, because they will get goods chits. This balances the game out a bit, and adds strategy. Should I place the tile to finish my own city, scoring points for me; or should I finish another player’s city - giving them points, but netting me several good chits. This part of the expansion is worth the price of the game alone and has changed several people’s opinion of the game, as it actually decreases the luck and increases the strategy. Can’t draw that tile to finish your city? Odds are that someone else will, if you have a goods chit there.

5.) Pigs: A little pig figure (a “peeple”?) is included of each players’ color. A player may place a pig, just like a meeple, into a farm - but only on a farm where they already have a meeple. At the end of the game, the pig scores an extra point for each city that is scored by the farm. If the player doesn’t control the farm, they of course get no points. Many people have criticized the pig, saying that it doesn’t really affect the game too much. I must say that I disagree. The pig isn’t a spectacular addition, to be sure; but I’ve seen at least two games that have been decided by the points won by the pig. Besides, it’s a cool piece.

This is definitely not an expansion for beginners, as the builder rules might confuse some people. But after a couple plays of regular Carcassonne, this one should be able to be smoothly assimilated. If all the game included were the good chits, I would be satisfied - they add some simple, difficult choices to the game play, and a lot of strategy to the game. When combined with the first expansion for Carcassonne, the game suddenly becomes a whole new creature. As a basic game, it was simple, lucky, strategic and fun. With this expansion, it’s still fairly simple, yet a lot of new tiles add a decent variety; and the builder and good chits add more strategy. I like Carcassonne a lot; but when these expansions are added, my enjoyment doubles.

Tom Vasel
“Real men play board games.”

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
A nice expansion
September 23, 2004
A nice expansion, but it greatly extended the play time (especially after adding Inns & Cathedrals). So great, that we could hardly finish a game in a night. We ended up removing all these tiles from the game and save them for when we have 4 or more people who want to play. For two players, we only use the basic game along with the river and road expansion tiles.
Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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