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2013 printing

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Manufacturer(s): Splotter Spellen

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To play &cetera, you must have:
Roads & Boats
2nd edition Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.
Roads & Boats
3rd edition (Currently Unavailable)

Roads & Boats
4th edition (Currently Restocking)

Product Description

A donkey plods onward, carrying some building material. Three geese are following some steps behind. All is well, when suddenly the sky darkens and a loud roar drowns out all other sound. The donkey frightens and looks up; someone in a three-piece suit is jumping out of an aeroplane. A minute later, he has landed and immediately starts giving orders: "Fold up this parachute! We've got work to do around here! This place will flood any minute now." A train stops and unloads some statues. "Bwah. Art!" growls the manager. We've got more serious things to worry about. Ask the traders if they have been able to procure any iron, we need to connect our oil platform to the power grid. And by the way, has that old paper mill in the city been blown up yet?" The donkey plods onwards. It has to build a road first....

& Cetera is an expansion set for Roads & Boats. It adds new buildings, new goods, new land types, new transporters, new ways to win and new strategies. It also includes 24 new scenarios and material to play with 5 or 6 players. & Cetera contains all the rules and material previously published as Planes & Trains, plus a lot more. It is compatible with the 2nd,3rd & 4th edition sets.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer(s): Splotter Spellen

  • Year: 2013

  • Players: 2 - 6

  • Weight: 898 grams

  • Language Requirements: Game components are language-independent. Manufacturer's rules are printed in multiple languages (including English).

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 2 in 1 review

Not Worth It, Not Even at 75% Off.
March 03, 2004

I loved Roads and Boats, even though it cost about $100, which is $20-$30 overpriced. I whole-heartedly recommended R&B and still do with the caveat that it is overpriced (see my review on this website). R&B is a very, very good gamer's game.

After playing Roads and Boats I had to buy the expansions. &Cetera included the Planes & Trains expansion so it was a no-brainer for me. I shelled out my $45 and eagerly anticipated the arrival of the expansion to my new favorite game.

Imagine my disappointment. The entire expansion (I am not kidding) comes in a large ziplock bag. Initially I was only slightly disappointed, I was prepared to forgive the packaging if the content was good. It includes wooden bits to expand the original game to 5-6 players, a couple airplanes in all colors, and a few other wooden bits. It also includes 4 sheets of hex tiles, 12 to a sheet (the original game contains 140 hex tiles, which is more than enough to build an unending array of scenarios). Granted, the polder and city land types are included (21 and 6 tiles respectively) and some of the new tiles depict 2 rivers running through them which is new, but only a few of those are included. &cetera also includes 4 sheets of cardboard punchout game pieces. Most (90%) of the punchouts are not new products, and are provided in ample quantities in the master game. (As an aside, the original rules stated that you couldn't run out of goods, if you need more just improvise more.) &cetera also includes a 16 page rule book (8 pages in English), and 16 yellow, plastic 'stones' that, coincidentally, are about the size of a penny. All in all, about $5 worth of components about 1/2 of which is unnecessary (except for the wooden bits).

With the exorbitant cost you would expect better game play. Good news (the only good news), gameplay is enhanced by &cetera. The expansion does add strategy and fun to the master game. Electricity is added to the game (powerlines are drawn on the overlay, same as roads), railroads are added, and you guessed it, they are drawn on the overlay also. The rules provide for bomb factories, trade, art, management, cities and a few other things. I would have gladly paid up to $10 for these enhancements, and given it 5 stars.

Why not 1 star? Why did I give it 2 stars if it is such a disappointment? Now that I have it I will use it. I would advise you to buy it too, but only for $5-$10. That's right five to ten dollars, no more. Fifteen dollars would be outragously overpriced, but I would still recommend buying with 4 solid stars, similar to my recommentation on the master game.

I hereby issue a challenge to Splotter Spellen (the company that produces R&B and &cetera) this Fourth Day of March, 2004. Justify the cost of this game, and have it posted on this website, and the boardgamegeek. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME UNLESS THEY CAN JUSTIFY THE COST. And then be skeptical.

I feel ripped off. Learn from my mistake.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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