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Munchkin: Adventure Time
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Munchkin: Adventure Time

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], but it may be available in another edition. Try: Munchkin: Hidden Treasures

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Play Time Players
60 minutes 3-6

Designer(s): Steve Jackson

Publisher(s): Steve Jackson Games

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Product Description

In Munchkin Adventure Time, players can help Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, and friends navigate the perils – and the rewards! – of the Land of Ooo. Will "Oh my glob – look out!" be the last thing Adventure Time fans hear from Princess Bubblegum? Or will Finn and Jake save the day with a sturdy sword and a hearty "Slamacow!"?

Munchkin Adventure Time is both a standalone game and an expansion for other titles in the vast Munchkin family.

Munchkin is a satirical card game based on the clichés and oddities of Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games. Each player starts at level 1 and the winner is the first player to reach level 10. Players can acquire familiar D&D style character classes during the game which determine to some extent the cards they can play.

There are two types of cards - treasure and encounters. Each turn the current players "kicks down the door" by drawing an encounter card from the deck. Usually this will involve battling a monster. Monsters have their own levels and players must try and overcome it using the levels, weapons and powers they have acquired during the game or run away. Other players can chose to help the player or hinder by adding extra monsters to the encounter. Defeating a monster will usually result in drawing treasure cards and acquiring levels. Being defeated by a monster results in "bad stuff" which usually involves losing levels and treasure.

Product Information

Munchkin: Adventure Time has the following expansions available:

Munchkin Reloaded Out of Stock

Munchkin Santa's Revenge 15-card expansion Out of Stock

Munchkin Fairy Dust 15-card expansion Out of Stock

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Product Reviews


Average Rating: 3.3 in 29 reviews

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Funny with an experienced player
March 10, 2006

This is the ultimate RPG card game that makes fun of RPG's. I'm not a huge RPG player, but I've kind of dabbled in it, and playing Munchkin hits just the right balance between RPG and "let's make fun of RPG's" for me.

I agree that the rules can be confusing for first-timers, and it helped exceedingly to have an experienced player on board for the first few games to get the hang of it.

The beauty of this game is that when you are small and weak, those "unbeatable foes" usually have some caveat, like they will not chase you if you are level 3 or less, so you can back away quietly in that situation.

It is almost essential to make alliances with the other players at the right time so your combined forces can slay the monster. However, this is usually when the other player(s) take the opportunity to stab you in the back with a wandering monster or something. Trying to get out of a battle that gets too deep as a flurry of cards is cast down is almost as fun as winning the easy battles.

You have to see how using cards can nullify other cards, and hopefully you have that one last "trick" up your sleeve that helps you win by the hair on your chin. The sex changes, curses, and other "surprises" that happen along the way add to the fun!

This is a FIRST RATE game that I absolutely love playing. Once you get the hang of it, the reply value is very high since the stars never line up the same way. Each game is different.

If you want some lighthearted RPG cardgame fun, this is a great diversion.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Where's the Fun?
December 30, 2005
Munchkin was included as a free game in a set of games I bought recently. I was a bit suspicious why the store owner would have given away a fairly clever-looking game for nothing, then I played it with some friends.

The few cards you are given to begin the game hardly prepares you to do battle with any "monsters," and the humor of the card descriptions soon gave way to confusion when we "opened the dungeon door" (turned over our first card) and were faced with an almost unbeatable foe.

Starting players out at level one and making them human (without rank) almost dooms you to either playing interminable meaningless rounds at level one before you can advance or suddenly dying before you are even able to get the hang of the game.

The rules seem to assume an awareness of this kind of game that those of us playing did not possess. In the end, we gave up on the game since it seemed to have given up on us early on. It was humorous to read the cards and laugh at Steve Jackson's witty characters and situations, but, as a game, it was more frustrating than entertaining.

I was relieved that I hadn't paid for the game, but I still felt somewhat swindled.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.
Great card game recreation of the RPG experience
July 08, 2004

Think of Munchkin as the Monty Python of card games. Is it the most polished card game out there? No. Does it layout everything in clear detail for you? Definitely not. Is it an incredibly amusing experience that has garnered a cult following? Yes.

I happen to be a member of this cult. In order to truly appreciate Munchkin, you really need to understand the genre of game that it is trying to mock - Dungeons and Dragons-style role-playing going horribly awry. Much like Monty Python, if you get the joke, it is great. If not, you're left wondering what all the fuss is about.

I have no doubt that the 'incomplete' rules are a part of the joke. The slightly inflated price tag and poor differentiation between the two sets of cards are the only things that keep this game from getting a four in my book. If you think you might enjoy this game, find a friend with a copy and play it before you buy it. If you get the joke, you'll find yourself buying a copy before the end of the night.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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