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Dice Town
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Store:  Family Games
Series:  Dice Town
Theme:  Cowboy / Western
Genre:  Set Collection
Format:  Dice Games, Dice Rolling, Board Games

Dice Town

Revised Edition

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Ages Play Time Players
10+ 45 minutes 2-5

Designer(s): Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc

Manufacturer(s): Asmodee North America

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  • WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small Parts

Product Description

Picture a place somewhere in the American Wild West that has everything from rich gold veins ready for mining to beautiful fields perfect for raising cattle. The question is, who will own the town when all is said and done?

Well, pardner, if you don't have lead in your feet - and aren't afraid of taking some lead in your body - it's high time to stake your claim! This Revised Edition of Dice Town updates the classic board game of dice and land grabs with overhauled rules and brand-new art.

Product Information

Dice Town has the following expansions available:

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by NevoGamer
Lots of fun, easy to learn, good for non-gamers
April 05, 2011

Dice Town is a western-themed game that uses dice, cards and a decent amount of player interaction to create an immensely fun game for up to five players. The game is easy to learn and play. I've played with four and five players.

The components are colorful and well made. To start, each player receives a dice cup, five dice and eight $1 bills. The dice have playing cards (9 thru Ace) on each side instead of pips.

Dice Town is a victory point (VP) game, which players can earn in a variety of ways. A game turn consists of the following phases:


  • Players shake their dice in their cups and turn the cups down so that the dice are hidden underneath the cup
  • Players review their hidden dice, decide which die/dice they want to keep. They leave these under their cup and remove the die/dice they want to re-roll and keep those in their hand.
  • Players must keep at least one die each roll.
  • Players simultaneously reveal the die/dice they are keeping
  • Players pay the bank $1 for each additional die they want to keep to that roll.
  • If a player has kept all five of his dice, then the other players get one last roll and have to keep whatever they roll

Whichever player has rolled the most 9s gets to take the 9 action. This player gets one gold nugget for each 9 he rolled that turn.

The player rolling the most 10s gets to rob the bank. In the first turn, this is $3. In subsequent turns, it's the amount of money players have paid to keep additional dice (see Dice Roll Phase above).

The player rolling the most Jacks gets to visit the General Store and draw one card from the deck for each Jack he rolled that turn. The player keeps one card and discards the others.

The General Store cards are typical of a lot of board games, as they bend the rules, or allow the player to manipulate game events to his advantage. For example, change one die to anything he wants, or not pay for keeping more than one die, etc. Also intermixed in the General Store deck are VP cards.

The player with the most Queens gets select as many cards as he has Queens from another player's hand. The player with the Queens then selects one of the cards and returns the cards to the other player. The cards in the other player's hand could be a combination of General Store cards and Settlement cards. The cards have different backs so its easy to tell which type you are selecting.

The player with the most Kings is the Sheriff. The Sheriff gets to break all ties. This being Dice Town and all, the Sheriff can accept bribes from other players. For example, if two players both rolled three 9s, the two players can take turns offering the Sheriff money and/or gold to decide which player will get to take the 9 action that turn. As we like to say, "It's good to be Sheriff."

Finally, the player with the best poker hand gets to take a Settlement card. There are three Settlement cards visible at all times. These cards offer one to five VPs. For every Ace the player has in his winning poker hand, he gets to take another Settlement card (up to the three that are visible).

Finally, Doc Badluck is the action for players that didn't get a normal action that turn. Available actions are determined by what the player rolled that turn. For example, if the player rolled at least one 9, he has the Doc Badluck action of getting one gold nugget from every other player. If he has a 10, he could choose to get $2 from every player. This is a great mechanic for players having an unlucky night with the dice.

The bank is replenished with the money players spent to keep dice this turn. New settlement cards are revealed (so three are showing).

Players start shaking their dice and a new turn starts with the Dice Rolling Phase.

The game continues until all of the gold nuggets in the supply are gone, or the last Settlement card has been claimed by a player.

Players total up their VPs, which come from:

  • 1 VP per gold nugget
  • 1 VP per $2
  • Settlement cards
  • VP cards from the deck
  • 5 VP for the player who's the Sheriff at game end

My family loves Dice Town. The game offers a little bit of everything... luck, player interaction, a good theme, very little down time and some nice mechanics.

I took off a star for the luck element and because the action phase can begin to feel a bit repetitive. I give the game four stars for its accessibility, colorful components, simple rules and fun game play.

Note: this review refers to a different release of this product.

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