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You're Bluffing!
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You're Bluffing!

English language edition of Kuhhandel

Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title [], usually because it's out of print.

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Product Awards:  
Spiel des Jahres
Nominee, 1985

Ages Play Time Players
7+ 30 minutes 3-5

Designer(s): Rudiger Koltze

Manufacturer(s): Ravensburger USA

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Product Description

650 going once, 650 going twice, 650 sold! The highest bidder gets the pig!

Be a clever auctioneer and bluff your way through cattle trades to earn yourself the most valuable animals.

Product Awards

Spiel des Jahres
Nominee, 1985

Product Information

Product Reviews


Average Rating: 4.3 in 23 reviews

June 26, 2006

This game never gets old! I will provide cons and pros, and a description.

Description: There are 10 animals of four cards each, ranging from 10(chicken)-1000(horse). Also there are money cards (0,10,50,100,200,500 gold). At the beginning of the game everyone is delt four 10's, one 50, and two zeros. Everyone pulls one animal card randomly; the player with the highest animal card is first, and the game goes clockwise. The animal cards that have been pulled out are then put beck into the animal deck, and shuffled with the rest. After this they are placed in the middle of the table, and the first player flips a card. He/she then becomes the auctionere, and the rest of the players bid for the animal. After this the second player becomes the auctionere, and the others again bid.. This continues for a while. The donkey (500-animal) brings in inflation, and the first time it is flipped over everyone receives a 50--second time everyone receives a 100, 3rd-200, 4th-500. The donkeys are auctioned off like any other animals. After a while, some players will have the same animal as another one. If i have pig, bob has a pig, and it's my turn, i can opt to challange for bob's pig instead of auctioning off an animal. I then put my pig forward, and bob puts his; since I am the challanger, I put an x ammount of money down. Bob only sees how many cards I put face down for his pig; he does not know what the value is.. Here is where the bluffing comes in, as If i put down 5 cards, they could be all zeros and tens, or they could be 500's. Bob then either accepts the money, and I get the pigs, or counter challanges my challange, and he places some money face down on the table too. If the second exp happens, then we exchange the money we have put down face down, we count it, and silently the individual who put the more money down will take the pigs, or what ever animal is challanged. This challange takes up my turn. (If by chance we put the same money, we go through the challange again.... if it's the same three times, the defender keeps the animals.) After all the animals are auctioned off, only challanges are in the play. It is important to acknowledge that at the end of the game you will only have sets of 4 animals, and money will not matter. The points of the animals that you have received four of are added up,(exp:4 horses of 1000 pts=1000pts-while 4 chickens of 10pts= 10pts) and multiplied by how ever many animal groups you owe. This is why it is important to have a mix of low valued and high valued animals: With having the 4 chickens and the 4 horses, you have 2020 pts, while just having the horse is 1000pts.

Pros: Great ideas!! great play, extremely fun!! It is expected that you remain steady with a poker face after each challange, but this is hard because sometimes you might be completly ripped off, and sometimes you might feel pitty for the other player and want to laugh at him or her. First two three games take about 45-60mins to play, but as you get better, you can play a game through with experienced You're bluffing players in 20 mins. This makes it a great filler, and the game is full of strategy, luck, fun, and trys of having poker faces. It is a blast!!

Cons: 1/10 (this is literal) people will not find the game that exceptional, and 1/20 or so will not like it. Otherwise it is a must buy game! Anyone from age 8 to age 183 and a half will enjoy it!

Buy it!

by BPeat
Quick to learn, fun to play, never ending strategy
July 21, 2004

This game works - within minutes players are into the game enjoying themselves to no end. Everyone is involved 100% of the time, you either trying to sell (for high or low - twist) or trying to buy (for low). How much would you pay for a chicken?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In my top 5 games, and I have a lot of games.

Just plain fun! Who needs more? I don't!
March 25, 2004

I have to admit, if you open the box, you might frown a little. 'These cards are for kids.'

Well they might look that way, but the game sure isn't! I introduced the game about one month ago in our pub. Yes in a pub! Introduced it to some friends. As we played a bunch of people watched us play and laughed at us. 'Look at them with their little childfarms.'

Let's just say most of them own the game now too!! Hahaha

Such a simple looking game, with so much in it!

You'll have times you really don't know what your next step will be....

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