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Games Magazine Awards

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for the GAMES 100

Each year since 1980, GAMES Magazine has published a Buyer's Guide to Games in their year-end holiday issue. Except for once or twice in the early 1980s, the article has listed and reviewed one hundred games each year, and was thus dubbed The GAMES 100.

Early in the feature's history, the article served as a reference to many games available on the market, new and old, listing such long-time classic titles as Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble--and even the occasional toy like Frisbee. In later years, the feature has focused more and more on recognizing the best and most unique new board and card games.

In 1991, GAMES also began recognizing the favorites in each category with a special Best designation, and has selected one game from the whole list to receive the highest honor of Game of the Year.

Through the early 1990s, more and more electronic games were included in the list, with the computer game Myst even winning Game of the Year in 1994. Beginning the following year, computer and cartridge games were split off and given their own separate Electronic Games 100 section.

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Game of the Year

Aladdin's Dragons English language edition of Morgenland Long before the sun rises in our lands, Aladdin and his friends are already busy, searching the Dragons' caves for treasure. Treasures they will take to the city to buy the magical artifacts available only in the Caliph's palace. Along the way,... Out of Stock

Best Historical Simulation Game

Paths of Glory: The First World War Designed by Charles Roberts' award-winner Ted Raicer, this is GMT's entry in the WWI tide that's currently flooding wargaming. Paths of Glory uses a card-driven strategic mechanic (introduced in Avalon Hill's We the People game) that regulates... Out of Stock

Best Dexterity Game

Carabande standard edition A skill-packed automobile race for people with intuition and dexterity. The cars are colored wooden disks which are flicked over the black race course. With the right touch, the multicolored cars fly over the track, zipping around corners along the... Out of Stock

Best 2-Player Card Game

Caesar & Cleopatra English language edition Caesar and Cleopatra are locked in a struggle to determine the amount of independence Egypt will have. The decision lies in the hands of the powerful patricians. The players, as Caesar and Cleopatra, use their influence and special actions to win... Out of Stock

Best Abstract Strategy Game

ZÈRTZ English language edition The third installment in the GIPF project, following GIPF and TAMSK, ZERTZ is played with 5 white, 7 gray and 9 black marbles and 37 round tiles. The tiles are used to assemble the board; the marbles are in a pool. Each turn you must place one... Out of Stock

Best Family Strategy Game

Web of Power English language edition of Kardinal und König Europe, the center of power in the 12th century, is the stage for political intrigue. Clerical orders vie to control that power by influencing the cardinals and kings who hold the power. By building cloisters in the courts of kings, the orders try... Out of Stock

Best Advanced Strategy Game

Die Fürsten von Florenz #4 ALBS, original German edition of The Princes of Florence The Princes of Florence takes place in Renaissance Italy. As head of an aristocratic family, you try to increase your reputation by building the most magnificent Villa, containing splendid buildings and wonderful gardens and hosting famous artists... Out of Stock

Best Party Game

Democrazy Why should you always blindly accept the rules in the games you play? After all, don't we live in a democracy? Then, vote for new rules! For once, you can manipulate the rules to your advantage! This is not too difficult; you must simply convince... Out of Stock

Best Family Card Game

HellRail second perdition All Aboard! Abandon all hope, ye who enter here... unless you fancy a respite from your wretched torment. Think ye clever enough to outwit your fellow engineers and delay your fiery fate, if only for one precious day? Then sound the whistle; the... Out of Stock

Best Family Game

Café International The Cafe International is a meeting place for guests from many nations. At a table an Indian drinks coffee with a Frenchman; at the bar a Spaniard converses with an African. The task of the players is to divide the international guests as... Out of Stock

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